Universitetet i Bergen

Elisabeth SkeieEva Biringer, Kristin I. Folven og Randi Tangvik

Helsepersonells gjennomføring av ernæringspraksis og registrering i kommunalt pasient- og brukerregister (KPR): en kvalitativ studie

Stine Herfindal OpedalSimon Dankel og Kristin AmundsenChanges in quality of life in patients with type 2 diabetes following a low-calorie or a low-carbohydrate high-fat dietary program - Subgroup analysis of a randomized controlled trial (CARBCOUNT)
Trine NordvikAslaug Drotningsvik og Hildur SkuladottirLipoedema: Population Characteristics and the Possible Role of Conservative Therapy for Norwegian Women with BMI <28: an Intervention Study - Subset analysis from the Surgical Treatment of Lipedema in Norway - a National Multicenter Study
Elise GryttenGunnar Mellgren og Simon DankelProteomic profiling of cardiovascular biomarkers after omega-3 and omega-6 supplementation in abdominal obesity
Hanna OlbergHanne Rosendahl-Riise og Inger AakreNutritional Status and Presence of Sarcopenia in Community-dwelling Older Persons Receiving Home Care Service in Oslo: A Cross-Sectional Study
Gunnhild Eggen StorliløkkenSiren Nymo, Randi Tangvik og Simon DankelChanges in appetite-regulating hormones and subjective feelings of appetite following a ketogenic low energy diet and a non-ketogenic low energy diet: a randomized controlled trial in females with lipedema
Stine BakkenJutta Dierkes og Zoya SabirProtein intake and handgrip strength in community-dwelling healthy older adults - The Hordaland Health Study
Thyra Jensen HevrøyHanne Rosendahl-Riise og Inger AakreIodine Nutrition in Community-Dwelling Older Persons Receiving Home Care Services in Oslo: A Cross-Sectional Study
Astri Marie RønnekleivBirgitte Berentsen Jacobsen og Eline M. Randulff HillestadExtended effects on nutritional intake in patients with IBS following a low FODMAP diet – results from the Bergen Brain-Gut study
Victoria Oline Haughton RingsethRandi Tangvik og Anne Berit GuttormsenNutrition in the intensive care patient
Cathrine LoddervikSimon Dankel og Johnny Laupsa-BorgeChanges in lipoprotein subclass particles, standard lipids, and apolipoproteins after diets high or low in carbohydrates or saturated fat in people with obesity: results from a randomized controlled trial (CARBFUNC)
Silje Jotun LøkkenInger Aakre og Hanne Rosendahl-RiiseIodine Nutrition and Thyroid Function in Habitual Seaweed Consumers at Baseline and after a 6-week Cessation of Seaweed Intake
Mari Bergflødt SørensenHanne Rosendahl-Riise, Teresa Risan Haugsgjerd og Kristin BørresenIodine intake in mid-pregnancy and subsequent risk of developing pharmacologically treated hypertension within 10 years after pregnancy: Results from the Norwegian Mother, Father, and Child Cohort Study
Ann Helen Fjeldstad BørsethSimon Dankel og Kristin AmundsenChanges in HbA1c and body composition in patients with type 2 diabetes following a low-calorie or a low-carbohydrate high-fat dietary intervention -
Subgroup analysis of a randomized controlled trial (CARBCOUNT)
Marte Knutsen HaukelandRoger Strand, Randi Tangvik og Caroline EngenMatvaner og oppfatninger om kosthold hos unge mannlige tømrere

Universitetet i Oslo

Amanda Charlotte KleppanHvordan legger kommuner til rette for at småbarnsforeldre kan etablere sunne kostholdsvaner hos sine barn? En kvalitativ studie av systematisk folkehelsearbeid.
Anniken Kleveland SlettaIncluding inflammation as a diagnostic criterion for malnutrition in the search for cachexia? A pilot study
Christian Andre JohnstonThe effect of dietary sulfur amino acid restriction on adipose tissue mRNA levels and plasma metabolic risk biomarkers
Christine SlaathaugHow do ultra-processed foods in the Norwegian diet contribute to nutritional quality and global warming potential?
Eli Jian Platou SollerudEnergy expenditure, dietary intake and energy balance in cancer patients
Emilie MobergThe association between energy, vitamin D and calcium intakes and bone health among wheelchair users. A Cross-Sectional Study
Emilie TennefossEtterlevelse av Helsedirektoratets retningslinjer for forebygging og behandling av underernæring på korttidsinstitusjoner i Bærum kommune
Kamilla KirchnerMeasurement of ankle-brachial index and association with cardiovascular risk markers in patients with familial hypercholesterolemia
Kristine HusebyCompliance with the Norwegian dietary guidelines among pregnant women and their risk factors for future cardiovascular disease
Line BakkenBarrierer og fasilitatorer for systematisk ernæringsarbeid i hjemmesykepleien
Lisa Charlotte Mahle ThygesenIrish children’s experiences of participating in a theory-based fruit and vegetable Scheme - a qualitative study

Lisa Heide Koteng

Norske onkologers vurdering og bruk av underernæringsdiagnoser. En kvalitativ studie
Madeleine Elisabeth AngelsenThe lifestyle of patients with severe mental illness, receiving treatment in mental care facilities in Asker, Norway
Malin AndalDietary intake among postpartum women with overweight - a descriptive analysis from the EVA study
Martin Kvalvik EngstadEnergy- and protein intake, and appetite during resistance training in menstruating women compared to oral contraceptive users.
Maryam MojadadiKostholdskvalitet, næringsstofftilstrekkelighet og matsikkerhet i et utvalg hjemmeboende eldre i Oslo
Mina Marie MingeThe associations of frailty status and body composition with resting energy expenditure, physical activity energy expenditure, and sleep quality: A Cross-sectional study in older individuals
Miriam Myhren BouchlehWithin-day Energy Deficiency Before and After a Sports Nutrition Intervention in Female Endurance Athletes at Risk of Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (REDs)
Rakel Raknes BrekkeAssessment of resting energy expenditure by whole-room indirect calorimetry and predictive equations in Norwegian colorectal cancer patients. A comparison study
Silje-Marie JensenLipoprotein metabolism and inflammation in healthy young subjects – exploring the postprandial and postabsorptive phases following intake of a standardized meal

Universitetet i Tromsø

Anna Emilie Vinje Berg

Hovedveil.: Torill Enget Jensen

Biveil.: Guri Skeie
The Association between the Energy-adjusted Dietary Inflammatory Index and the Risk of Colorectal Cancer in The Norwegian Women and Cancer Study (NOWAC)
Frøya Berg Grønvik

Hovedveil.: Paula Berstad

Biveil.: Patrik Hansson og Markus D. Knudsen
Associations between intake of dairy products and colorectal lesions in the Norwegian CRCbiome study: a cross-sectional study
Marie Høvik

Hovedveil.: Torill Enget Jensen

Biveil.: Guri Skeie
The association between the energy-adjusted Dietary inflammatory Index (E-DII) and risk of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in the Norwegian Women and Cancer Study (NOWAC)
Amilie Johannessen

Hovedveil.: Linn Nilsen

Biveil.: Laila A. Hopstock
Education and adherence to the Norwegian Dietary Recommendations – Insights from The Tromsø Study 2015-2016
Karoline Lerengen

Hovedveil.: Veronika K. Pettersen

Biveil.: Gaute Hovde Bø og Astri J. Meen
Isolation of drug-resistant Enterobacterales from faecal samples of healthy newborns and characterisation of Bifidobacterium-mediated inhibition of drug-resistant Escherichia coli
Tuva Hjetland Løland

Hovedveil.: Martin Hagve

Biveil.: Anders B. Kildal og Siv Hilde Fjeldstad
Adherence to the guidelines on nutritional care in the intensive care unit -A prospective, observational study
Sanne Karlsen Melum

Hovedveil.: Torsten Martiny-Huenger

Biveil.: Bahar Kucuk
Assessing the effectiveness of If-then plans to facilitate increased fruit and vegetable intake in adults – A systematic review and meta-analysis
Vilde Fiske Nes

Hovedveil.: Siren Nymo

Biveil.: Patrik Hansson
Does a ketogenic diet have an anti-inflammatory impact in women with lipoedema? An investigation into dietary fat quality
Kristin Lindahl Nilsen

Hovedveil.: Siv Hilde Fjeldstad

Biveil.: Anne-Sofie Sand
Barrierer og tilretteleggende faktorer for ernæringsbehandling til kritisk syke: En kvalitativ studie blant overleger og sykepleiere ved intensivavdelingen
Mimmi Vedenpää

Hovedveil.: John Owen Osborne

Biveil: Edvard H. Sagelv og Kristin B. Borch
Description of disordered eating among female athletes in Norway