Questionnaire regarding developing a Specialist Dietitian title in Europe

Questionnaire regarding developing a Specialist Dietitian title in Europe

DIETS ønsker tilbakemelding fra kliniske ernæringsfysiologer i utarbeidelse av europeisk tittel og standard for ernæringsfysiologer. Utsatt svarsfrist er 30.08.2011.

One of DIETS2´s main goals (WP2) is to do a needs analysis and a mapping of Lifelong Learning (LLL) patterns of dietitians throughout Europe. This is needed to be able to identify Life Long Learning requirements and associated competencies to practice as a dietitian.

The questionnaire is sent to the members of all Dietetic Association partners of DIETS 2 and EFAD. All DIETS2 partner organizations have signed an agreement to share information with the other DIETS partners.

To be able to get a good picture of the situation around Europe, your reply to this questionnaire is highly valuable. Svarsfrist er blitt forlenget til 30.08.2011.

The aim of this questionnaire is to find out what skills and competences (theory and practice) are needed to be able to work at an advanced level within a specific dietetic field (Administrative/Clinical/Public Health Dietetics).

Results and further goals:

  • Results will be published on the DIETS website.
  • European Dietetic Benchmark Standards for the second cycle (EDBS-2) and a Competency Framework will be developed. This will provide guidance to Higher Education Institutions and others on the work of the dietitian as an advanced practitioner in Europe and the education and learning outcomes that can be expected from this group.
  • A Specialist Dietitian title within Europe will be developed to improve career progression possibilities and recognition of advanced status of some dietetic roles. This can be used by the individual dietitian in argument for salaries, applying for jobs etc.

NOTES on how to fill in questionnaire:

There are three parts. It will take you about 30 minutes to fill in the questionnaire. You can save your answers anytime and continue later.

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Agneta Hörnell, lead of WP2,

representing DIETS partner nr 71

On behalf of WP2;

Agneta Andersson, representing DIETS partner nr 62

Ana Maria Gomes, representing DIETS partner nr 32

Colin Chandler, representing DIETS partner nr 87

Elisabeth Fattinger, representing DIETS partner nr 33

Katarzyna Wolnicka, representing DIETS partner nr 4

Paula Ravasco, representing DIETS partner nr 64

Sissel Olsen, representing DIETS partner nr 31