American Society for Nutrition arrangerer online kurs fra 1.-4. juni. Kurset skulle egentlig blitt arrangert i Seattle i månedsskiftet mai/juni, men har nå blitt erstattet med et online program. Mange spennede tema, program finner man her: https://meeting.nutrition.org/...

"Nutrition 2020 Live Online is a rich, interactive experience that you can join from anywhere in the world, offering great content in the form of lectures, scientific sessions, satellite programs, virtual abstract presentations, virtual exhibits, and more. Connect with a global audience through panel discussions, live Q& A and interaction for selected sessions. Put on your comfiest clothes, grab your favorite beverage and healthy snacks, and find your seat (you’re guaranteed the best seat in the house!), and settle in for 4 days of nutrition learning and collaboration like you’ve never experienced before!"

Delta ved å følge denne linken: https://meeting.nutrition.org/